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Why did you create a data orchestration platform?
For many years in the automation and workflow planning landscape, we were frustrated that we did not see a working, professional open-source solution that was suitable for either simple or complex projects.

During our consulting missions, our tireless research for reliable, professional, testable orchestrators ended in failure — none were scalable, they were too complex to use, not production ready, and had poor user interface.

A challenge presented itself to us: Develop your own tool! One Platform to rule them all ^^

Above all, we are seeking to challenge the ecosystem; to give you a tool to allow you to orchestrate and automate your data, workflows, and batches all with simplicity, autonomy, and high performance. his has been our ambition since day one and will continue to challenge us after the public launch of the Kestra project..

We developed our Open Source platform with careful precision and dedication as part of a mission for one of the leaders of retail in Europe, Leroy Merlin, who were in need of high-capacity data management..

The platform is operational, in production, and performing to the satisfaction of several hundred internal users who have seen their productivity gain skyrocket since using Kestra. What a reward it is for us to build something new that brings complete satisfaction to its users.

Now we are at the stage of our public launch with the aim of bringing Kestra to everyone who needs it. We have structured a company and our teams are ready to help you with your future tests and integrations.

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