# Listeners

Listeners are special tasks that can listen to the current flow and launch tasks from outside the flow.
The result of the tasks will not change the execution status. In most cases, Listeners are used to send notifications or handle special end-task behavior that should not be considered as part of the main workflow.

# Example

A listener that sends a Slack notification for a failed task (this would require slack plugins).

  - tasks:
      - id: mail
        type: org.kestra.task.notifications.slack.SlackExecution
        url: https://hooks.slack.com/services/XXX/YYY/ZZZ
      - type: org.kestra.core.models.listeners.types.ExecutionStatusCondition
          - FAILED

# Properties

# conditions

  • Type: array
  • SubType: Condition
  • Required:

A list of Conditions that must be validated in order to execute tasks. If you don't provide any conditions, the listeners will always be executed.

# tasks

  • Type: array
  • SubType: Task
  • Required:

A list of tasks that will be executed and the end of the flows. The status of these tasks will not impact the main execution and will not change the execution status even if they fail.

You can use every tasks you need here, even Flowable
All task id must be unique for the whole flow even for main tasks and errors.

# description

  • Type: string
  • Required:

Description for documentation, more details here