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On the Executions page, you will see a list of flow executions.

When clicking on an execution id or on the eye icon, you can open the page of an execution.

Kestra User Interface Executions Page

An Execution page will allow access to the details of a flow execution, including logs, outputs, and metrics.

Kestra User Interface Execution Page

Gantt Tab

The Gantt tab allows to see each task durations. From this interface you can replay a specific task, see task source code, change task status, or look at task metrics and outputs.

Kestra User Interface Execution Gantt Tab

Logs Tab

The Logs tab allows to access tasks logs. You can filter by log level, copy logs in your clipboard, or download logs as a file.

Kestra User Interface Execution Log Tab

Topology Tab

Like in the editor view, you can see your execution topology. From this you can access specific task logs, replay certain tasks or change task status.

Outputs Tab

The outputs tab in an execution page allow to see each task outputs.

Kestra User Interface Execution Outputs Tab

The "Eval Expression" box allows to evaluate expressions on those task outputs. It's a great way to debug your flows.

Note: you have to select one task to be able to use the "Eval Expression" button.

Kestra User Interface Execution Outputs Eval Expression

For example, you can use the "Eval Expression" feature to deep-dive into your tasks outputs and play directly with variables operations.

Metrics Tab

The Metrics tab shows every metric exposed by tasks after execution.

Kestra User Interface Execution Metric Tab