An orchestration platform

Build a complex pipeline within a couple of minutes.

All kinds of flows!

Kestra understands the construction of your flow and handles any workflow including parallel and loop dependent flows. Systems can fail; let Kestra handle the retry process.

Lots of plugins!

Plugins offer deep integration with systems enabling users to make complex workflows without relying on the command line. Use an official one or simply build your own!

Cloud native and scalable!

Kestra has been built with leading cloud-native technologies and a strong architecture! Scale to millions of executions without hassle.

A scheduling platform

Launch your flows whatever the need

Event based!

Kestra can execute flows based on events coming from core or plugins such as:

Time-based scheduling!

Kestra can execute your flows at regular intervals based on a cron expression, if you have more complex needs you can rely on conditions to limit the scheduling of your flows (e.g., first day of the month, weekend only, etc.)., weekend only, ...

API or UI based!

If you haven’t found a suitable option, you can still rely on the Kestra API (a simple cURL can do the job), or a webhook to trigger a flow from any application or simply start a flow directly from the Web UI.

An extensible data orchestrator

Kestra is built with data at its heart and integrates directly with your source and destination; no need to choose between ETL or ELT — both are possible.


Don’t be left choosing between ETL or ELT — Kestra handles both at scale. Choose the method you need: convert from standard format, use task to transform data directly, or load raw data and let the database do the hard work.

Directly connected to systems!

Plugins offer rich integrations with all the underlying systems. Get rich outputs and gather metrics for all executed tasks.

Cloud native & scalable!

Kestra is robust and built with the top cloud-native technologies! Scale to millions of executions hassle free.

An all-in-one platform

Kestra is composed of a rich UI allowing you to create, run, and monitor all your flows. It has a full, scalable and cloud-native architecture, and is based on plugins allowing you to use existing ones or create your own plugins with little fuss.

Rich and real-time UI

Create and edit your flows directly on your browser. Execute and monitor all your executions in real time!

Low code

Kestra flows are simple, descriptive YAML files — No need to learn another language to create a flow!

Cloud native and infinitely scalable

Scale to millions of executions without pain as Kestra is built on cloud native and scalable solutions.

Easy to extend

Plugins are everywhere in Kestra — many are available from Kestra core team; creating your own is simple if needed.

Prompt shipping

Save on time, stress, and development costs.

Full platform for end-to-end workflows

All the necessary tools and autonomy to deliver enterprise-grade workflows.

Live edit in browser

No desktop application installation needed — a simple browser to edit and monitor all your flows.

Create your flow with Terraform

Deploy Kestra flows and your cloud dependencies for atomic release processing.

An Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition fits all company needs regarding security and high availability.


Secure your Kestra with a single sign-on with your Open ID provider and control fine-grained ACL for users and groups.

Audit Log and Secrets

Integrate your secret manager to ensure the security of your passwords and keys, and audit all the resources created in one instance.

Improve your productivity

Configure a namespace with task defaults, variables, and secrets to automatically configure all flows — follow them with the one eye dashboard!

Endless options to choose from to develop your own plugins!

Start building with Kestra and enjoy your pipelines — the only limit is your imagination!