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Query data from Dremio and process it in Polars with a Python script

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Query data from Dremio and process it in Polars with a Python script

This flow queries data from a Dremio lakehouse and passes the query results to a downstream Python task that further transforms fetched data using Polars. The only required inputs are the project ID and a Dremio token.

The project ID can be found in your Dremio URL. For example, if your Dremio URL is https://app.dremio.cloud/sonar/ead79cc0-9e93-4d50-b364-77639a56d4a6, then your project ID is the last string ead79cc0-9e93-4d50-b364-77639a56d4a6.

To create a Dremio token, go to your Dremio account settings and then to the section "Personal Access Token". From here, you can create the token, copy it and store it as a kestra secret. For more detailed description of how to create your token, visit the following Dremio documentation. It's recommended to store the token as a Secret to avoid exposing it directly in your flow.

If you are new to Dremio, the easiest way to familiarize yourself with the platform is to create a Dremio Test Drive account, which provides you with a Dremio instance and sample datasets to query. You can reproduce this flow without any changes using the test drive account.

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