Orchestrate Your Platform with Kestra

Orchestrate your business-critical applications and deliver business and analytics-ready data at scale

Everything As Code

Manage your resources programmatically, ensuring reproducibility, version control, and seamless collaboration.

Everything from the UI

Create and oversee workflows through Kestra user interface. build, test, deploy, run, and iterate on your workflows from a single interface.

Run Anywhere

Run Anywhere, Code in Any Language

Use YAML for workflow definitions, and choose any programming language for your scripts.

Workflow Definition

We empowers our users with comprehensive capabilities for defining and managing their workflows


Define all your workflows in YAML

Interactive Topology View

Use Kestra's topology view for a graphical representation of your workflows. This feature provides an intuitive understanding of how each step in your process interconnects and operates.

Interactive Topology

Intuitive Form Editor

This user-friendly interface is ideal for quickly setting up new workflows or making changes to existing ones without deep diving into code.

Intuitive Form

Programmable, Extensible, Customizable

Kestra is designed to cater to your specific needs, enabling you to create highly customized and efficient workflows.

Advanced Conditional Logic

  • Implement dynamic workflows with conditional steps like if-then-else and switch, empowering you to make decisions based on real-time data.

Advanced Conditional

Wide Range of Scripting Support

Integrate various programming languages within your workflows.

Scripting Support

Reusable Subflows

  • Build a library of common flows or flow components with our support for sub-flows, making your workflow development more efficient and modular.
 Sub Flow Plugin
Reusable Subflows

Debugging and Monitoring Made Easy

Debug executing instances with ease. Access logs, metrics, and outputs in a unified interface, streamlining your troubleshooting process.

Debugging and Monitoring

Long-Running Executions

Handle long-running executions, with customizable timeouts and retries at both instance and process step levels.


Event Driven Orchestration

  • Leverage event-driven architecture with webhook support and event listeners (SNS, SQS, MQ, database change listeners, FTP/SFTP).

  • Automate tasks based on schedules, enhancing the responsiveness of your workflows.

  • Dependencies Management:

Get a holistic overview of your platform

Manage and analyze your workflow executions.

Comprehensive Instance Overview

  • Running Instances: Easily access a list of currently running instances, giving you a snapshot of active workflows.

  • Historical Insight: View the history of executed instances, offering a timeline of past activities and outcomes.

  • Detailed Instance Analysis: Delve into the detailed status of individual running instances for granular management and insights.

Execution Tracking and Logs

  • Timeline with Gantt View: Track the execution timeline of each workflow in a clear, visual Gantt chart format. This view helps in understanding the sequence and duration of each task within a workflow.

  • Task-Specific Logs: Access logs for each task within a workflow. These logs provide critical insights and the ability to dive deeper into specific task outputs and metrics.

Output and Metrics Visualization

  • Task Outputs: Review the outputs of all tasks in a flow, giving you a comprehensive view of your workflow’s performance and results.

  • In-Depth Metrics: Some tasks and plugins within Kestra provide detailed metrics. These metrics offer valuable data points to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your workflows.

Metrics Visualization
Orchestration Experience

Enhance Your Orchestration Experience with Kestra Enterprise Edition

Elevate your orchestration capabilities with Kestra's Enterprise Edition. Designed for enhanced control and security.


Allow users to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials

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