Fast, Scalable, Declarative Orchestrator

Build all kinds of Workflows with Kestra: Your All-in-One Solution for Orchestrating Business-Critical Applications

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Build your Workflows as Code

Kestra allows building workflows as code. This approach facilitates seamless integration with existing CI/CD processes, Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, and version control systems like Git.

API-first design with declarative workflow definition

API-first design with declarative workflow definition

  • Strong typing and autocompletion: iterate quickly when adding new flows, triggers and tasks. If something is incorrect in your workflow definition, you will know in advance thanks to the built-in syntax validation.
  • Support for data-mesh: thanks to the simple YAML interface. built-in documentation and blueprints, domain experts can build their own workflows, too.
  • Intuitive UI built not only for engineers: when you add workflows directly from the UI, the live-updating topology view helps you see dependencies between processes, systems and tasks.

Iterate faster without the overhead of CI/CD

  • Less time spent babysitting orchestration code: Seamlessly configure your tasks to run sequentially, in parallel or only based on a specific condition or presence of events without having to navigate convoluted orchestration code bases.
  • Intuitive dependency management: Easily manage task dependencies — defining proper execution order is as simple as adding a list of tasks in the order you want them to be executed.
  • Built-in documentation and blueprints: No need to navigate bulky documentation to figure out the right task or trigger properties — they are available right next to your code editor.
Iterate faster without the overhead of CI/CD
Flexible Event-Driven Workflow Execution

Flexible Event-Driven Workflow Execution

  • Time-based scheduling: Workflows run automatically at specific times, such as daily, weekly, or monthly without the need for manual intervention or inspecting crontabs.
  • Event-based orchestration: Automate workflow executions based on real-time events. Trigger workflows to run automatically in response to events, such as the arrival of new data in a database, file detection in your cloud storage bucket, new message in a message queue, or the completion of other workflows.

Execute and Monitor in Real Time

  • Real-time Workflow Monitoring: Progress tracking of workflows and individual tasks in real-time. Troubleshoot failure by replaying failed tasks or doing a full-text search of the workflow execution logs.
  • Actionable Insights: you can build custom dashboards to track workflow performance using built-in outputs and metrics. Thanks to a standardized format that Kestra uses, all your Kestra metrics can be visualized in Grafana or Kibana.
Execute and Monitor

Simplicity Scales, Complexity fails

Less time spent writing boilerplate orchestration code, more time for what matters to your business.

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Deploy and Run Anywhere

From on-premise installations to cloud-based VMs and Kubernetes clusters, you can deploy both Kestra and individual workflows on any platform or machine.

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Code in Any Language

Write your business logic in any language. Kestra supports Java-based plugins as well as scripts written in Python, R, Julia, Ruby, Shell, Powershell and Node.js.

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Scale to Millions of Executions

Kestra has been built on top of leading cloud-native technologies, enabling seamless scaling to millions of workflow executions.

Integrate with over 400+ plugins you already know and love


Seamless Workflow Design and Management

Get started in minutes

Create and run your workflows from the embedded code editor using a simple, declarative configuration.

Discover errors before it's too late

Kestra detects syntax errors while you type, helping you fix the issues before runtime.

Code in any language

Build your business logic in any language including Python, R, Julia, Shell, Powershell, and Node.js.

Everything as code

Deploy workflows as software for easier collaboration and tracking of changes.

File detection triggers

Process new files as they come in using event-driven communication between applications.


All workflows are automatically versioned, allowing you to easily compare changes and roll back when needed.


Define your default task or plugin configuration, and use subflows to eliminate boilerplate code.

Data validation

Guarantee that your incoming and outgoing data adheres to the schema and quality constraints.

Create and run flows from the UI

Use embedded code editor with autocompletion and built-in documentation for rapid iterations.


Troubleshoot any issues quickly by using the built-in syntax validation and live-updating topology view.

No more deployment complexity

The embedded code editor, Git integration and CI/CD eliminate the need for packaging and deploying complex orchestration code.

Accelerate Development and Deployment

CI/CD Deployment

Automate your Kestra deployments with CI/CD integrations for Terraform, GitHub Actions, GitLab, and BitBucket.

Worry-free Production Deployments

Reliable deployments without package dependency conflicts. Script tasks are executed in Docker.

Real-Time Events

Flow execution based on event triggers including file detection, message queues, completion of certain flows, or results of a SQL query or API call.


Endless possibilities to start a flow through API, using a webhook, waiting for a trigger, or simply starting directly from the Web UI.


Dashboards and metrics directly in the User Interface.

Error Handling

Handle errors automatically and retry failed tasks.


Easily configure alerts to get notified on workflow completion, delay or failure.

Process Data at Scale

Use our distributed mapping capabilities to easily process large amounts of data at scale.

Micro-Batch CDC

Capture changed data at regular intervals and process them in micro-batches, reducing the complexity and maintenance costs of real-time systems.

No single point of failure

Horizontal and vertical scaling without worrying about resource allocation.

Performance Gains

Use the benefits of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) technology for better performance and memory management.

Centralized Data Control for Improved Efficiency

Everything as Code

Whether you build your workflows from a local IDE or from the UI, your entire workflow configuration is always managed as code and automatically versioned.

Everything from the UI

Create, edit and run your workflows from the integrated code editor in the UI, without having to set up local development environment or managing heavy worker processes.

Built-in documentation

The built-in code editor includes a documentation for all tasks and triggers. An up-to-date description of properties, and hands-on examples are at your fingertips.


The embedded code editor provides syntax highlighting and autocompletion for all task and trigger properties, significantly improving your productivity.

Syntax Validation

The embedded code editor provides real-time syntax validation as you type, ensuring that your workflows are always valid. No more surprises at runtime — you can catch errors early on.

Strongly Typed Inputs and Outputs

Declare data types for your inputs and outputs, and Kestra will enforce them, raising errors if the data doesn't match the expected types.

Seamlessly pass data between tasks

Kestra's internal storage allows to easily pass data between tasks while maintaining data privacy.

Take Kestra to the next level with the Enterprise Edition

Ensure scalability and high availability with managed Kafka and Elasticsearch integrated into the Enterprise Edition to eliminate single point of failure.