Drive Orchestration
for Automotive

Kestra empowers data engineers, software engineers, and platform engineers in the automotive industry to create custom workflows effortlessly.

Use Cases in Automotive

Predictive Maintenance

Use Kestra to orchestrate data from sensors and IoT devices, triggering maintenance workflows based on predictive analytics to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Data Gathering

From multiple car dealerships to warehouses, maintain financial health and operational transparency of all your suppliers or ressellers from a single place.

Quality Control Automation

Automate quality control processes by orchestrating data from various stages of the manufacturing or supply process, ensuring real-time defect detection and quality assurance.

Inventory Management

Manage vast inventory across numerous dealerships. Automated workflows handle data collection, processing, and analysis, enabling real-time inventory tracking and optimization.

Delivery Alerting

Automate car delivery alerts, ensuring customers are notified promptly when their vehicle or package is ready for pickup.


Customer Success

Quadis trust Kestra for Its
Business Critical

Quadis, the largest car retailer in Spain, relies on Kestra to streamline its daily operations, from financial reporting to car delivery alerting. Kestra will support their new data lake architecture, enhancing data analytics, internal web scraping, and resource optimization using AWS services.



In workflow delivery

“Kestra adapts to any tool thanks to it’s plugin and
it’s easy for anyone to understand”

Ruben Boniz Martinez

Team Lead

car hatchback

Unlock the Potential of Your
Automotive Ecosystem

Kestra empowers data engineers, software engineers, and platform engineers in the automotive industry to create custom workflows effortlessly, ensuring seamless operations and optimized performance across all processes.

Plugin Ecosystem

Capabilities for real-time data processing and decision-making, critical for time-sensitive automotive operations.

Monitoring and Alerting

Kestra’s intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation make it easy for automotive engineers to quickly build and deploy powerful workflows.

Extensive plugin support for various data sources and destinations, allowing seamless integration with existing automotive systems.

Real-Time Processing

Robust monitoring and alerting features that ensure proactive issue resolution, minimizing operational disruptions.

Quick to Learn, Easy to Master

Take Kestra to the next level with the Enterprise Edition

Ensure scalability and high availability with managed Kafka and Elasticsearch integrated into the Enterprise Edition to eliminate single point of failure.