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If you are a software engineer, or tech enthusiast passionate about orchestration, scheduling, and workflow automation, we at Kestra are inviting you to share your knowledge and insights by writing for us.


Why Submit a Draft ?

Showcase your expertise

Showcase your expertise

Writing sharpens your ability to convey complex technical ideas clearly and effectively. If your draft shows potential, our team will assist you to refine it, making your message more impactful.

Gain Recognition

Gain Recognition

We value our contributors and promote their articles across our social media channels and newsletter, offering you a platform to reach a broad audience in the tech community.

Get Compensated

Get Compensated

Your expertise is precious, and we believe in rewarding our contributors. We offer competitive compensation for original articles, videos and tutorials.

What is the Write for Kestra Program ?

Kestra, at its core, is a platform that empowers tech professionals with advanced orchestration and scheduling solutions. We're looking for writers who can share practical insights, showcase new trends, and provide step-by-step tutorials relevant to our community.

We're interested in:
  • Technical Insights: Articles that delve into orchestration, automation, and workflow optimization.
  • Tech Trends: Updates on new technologies, plugins or features in the field of software development.
  • Tutorials: Practical guides on using Kestra, from basic setup to advanced workflow configurations.
  • External Content: Do you want to share more about your experience of Kestra on your blog, Medium, or other content platforms? We empower you to share your content across all of your favorite platforms!
Participation Requirements

We welcome submissions to anyone with a background in software engineering, data engineering, or related fields. Familiarity with Kestra and experience in creating engaging, technical content are a plus.

The Process:

01Submit a Draft
Fill out the submission form with your draft and background information.
The Process:
02Draft Review
Our team reviews each submission to ensure it aligns with our content standards and audience interests.
The Process:
03Editing Process
We may suggest edits to enhance your article. Collaboration is typically done asynchronously to respect different time zones and schedules.
The Process:
04Publish and Promote
Once finalized, we'll publish your article on our blog and promote it across our platforms.
The Process:
05Share with Your Network
Feel free to share your published work with your personal and professional networks.



Original articles are compensated at a competitive rate (exact amount to be specified), payable upon publication.


You can cross-post your article on other platforms, provided a canonical link to the Kestra site is included.

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