Language Boundaries

Separate your business logic from your orchestration logic with a versatile set of language-agnostic developer tools

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Code in any language

Orchestrate custom business logic in Python, R, Java, Julia, Ruby, and any kind of language, thanks to Docker.

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Script Management with Embedded Code Editor

Our built-in code editor simplifies script editing and management directly within Kestra.

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Separation of Concerns

Kestra's design ensures a clear distinction between orchestration and business logic, keeping your code portable and platform-independent.

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Built-in Version Control with Git

Synchronize your code changes between Git and Kestra in both directions — sync code from Git or push your code built in Kestra’s IDE to Git.

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Docker enabled by default

No need to worry about building Docker images and managing the container lifecycle — we’ll do that automatically for you.

GitOps with Kestra

Kestra's Git capabilities ensure your projects are always synchronized and up-to-date.

GitOps with Kestra
Git Sync for Continuous GitOps

Synchronize your code changes between Git and Kestra in both directions — sync code from Git or push your code built in Kestra’s IDE to Git. Keeps your code up-to-date and enables seamless collaboration via Pull Requests.

Flexibility Across Development Environments

From the Kestra UI to VS Code extensions and Terraform providers, choose the tools that fit your deployment pattern. Our platform's API-first approach ensures you can easily interface with Git, no matter your preferred environment.

Manage your Scripts with the Embedded Code Editor

The built-in code editor allows you to develop your orchestration and business logic directly from the Kestra UI. You can create and edit scripts and manage YAML configurations all within Kestra's build-in IDE, eliminating the need to switch between different environments or tools.

  • Unified Interface:Centralize your development tasks with an interface that combines scripting and orchestration.
  • Developer Efficiency: Benefit from advanced features like syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and synthax validation.
  • Language Flexibility: Fully compatible with a wide array of programming languages, ensuring your existing codebase can be orchestrated without modifications.
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Docker Integration for Script Execution

Run your scripts in isolated environments with Docker. Kestra's Docker support allows for consistent execution across different environments, simplifying dependency management and deployments. Define Docker parameters directly within your workflow configurations for maximum flexibility.

Docker Integration for Script Execution

Platform Independent

Select from 400+ integrations and swap tools when needed


Getting Started with Declarative Orchestration

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