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Our Mission

Nowadays, companies need to grapple with tools that are either too complex, too rigid, or too specialized. From the steep learning curve of complex orchestration framework to the rigidness of no-code solutions and the siloed nature of specialized tools, businesses are left with fragmented systems, operational inefficiencies, and a lack of clarity and collaboration.

Kestra is an open-source, event-driven orchestration platform that solves these challenges by simplifying orchestration, unifying disparate tools, improving alignment between engineers and business users, and bringing structure to business-critical operations so that you can build reliable workflows and manage them with confidence.

Elevating Orchestration and Automation

We aim to offer a product that empowers everyone to manage and automate their data, workflows, and tasks in a simple and efficient way. Our focus has always been to provide a tool that is easy to use, scalable and high-performing.

By bringing Infrastructure as Code best practices to data, process, and microservice orchestration, Kestra makes both scheduled and event-driven workflows easy.

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Finally a Simple Orchestration Platform that scales

Hundreds of organizations have already experienced significant productivity gains since adopting Kestra in their business-critical production workflows, validating the transformative power of our solution.

Get started today and see how Kestra can help you build reliable workflows.

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Trusted by Enterprises Worldwide

We are grateful, humbled and excited to see how Kestra transforms the way organizations approach orchestration and automation. We are looking forward to the journey ahead and are committed to delivering the best orchestration platform to our enterprise customers, technology partners, and the open-source community.


Staying True to Our Mission

At Kestra, our principles shape our actions. We focus on making a platform that not only meets our users' needs but also surpasses their expectations. We're committed to continuous learning and iteration. Our goal is to introduce innovative ideas and solutions that significantly simplify and improve orchestration for our users.

High Quality Standards

We are committed to delivering a platform that meets the highest standards of performance, reliability, and usability.

Team Work

We believe in the power of giving and receiving direct feedback, learning from it and fostering strong relationships with our users, partners, and team members.

Customer Obsession

We listen to the feedback from our users and address their challenges at a rapid pace to continue building a product loved by our users.


We value openness and honesty in all aspects of our work, from our development processes to our communications with users and partners.

Meet the team

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Emmanuel Darras
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Ludovic Dehon
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Anna Geller
Product Lead
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Quentin Sinig
VP Go-to-Market
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Florian Hussonnois
Lead Software Engineer
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David Khan
Sales Leader
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Loïc Mathieu
Lead Software Engineer
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Yann Coornaert
Software Engineer
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Brian Mulier
Software Engineer
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Nicolas Callens
Lead Product Designer
Benoît Pimpaud Picture
Benoît Pimpaud
Solutions Engineer
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Martin-Pierre Roset
Lead Growth & Marketing
Will Russell
Will Russell
Developer Advocate
Paul Grainger
Paul Grainger
Lead Field Engineer
Miloš Paunović
Miloš Paunović
Senior Frontend Engineer
Daniel Lavoie
Daniel Lavoie
Platform Engineer
Stefan Muntean
Stefan Muntean
Senior QA Engineer

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