The open source data orchestration and scheduling platform.

Kestra is an infinitely scalable orchestration and scheduling platform, creating, running, scheduling, and monitoring millions of complex pipelines.

Any kind of workflow

Workflows can start simple and progress to more complex systems with branching, parallel, dynamic tasks, flow dependencies

Easy to learn

Flows are in simple, descriptive language defined in YAML; you don't need to be a developer to create a new flow.

Easy to extend

Plugins are everywhere in Kestra, many are available from the Kestra core team, but you can create one easily.

Any triggers

Kestra is event-based at heart—you can trigger an execution from API, schedule, detection, events

A rich user interface

The built-in web interface allows you to create, run, and monitor all your flows—no need to deploy your flows, just edit them.

Enjoy infinite scalability

Kestra is built around top cloud native technologies—scale to millions of executions stress free.

Loved & trusted by leading enterprises worldwide

Open-source without limitations

Customize, create plugins and add features, deploy anywhere (Kubernetes, Cloud Compute, Docker or even on premise) and enjoy no lock-in of the open-source ecosystems. Join the community and help us build the best open source orchestration and scheduling platform.

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Build with cloud native technologies

Enjoy infinite scalability as Kestra was developed with a cloud native concept and relies on state-of-the-art technology with no single point of failure.
Grow from only a few executions to millions, without hassle.

What customers are saying

Kestra allows us to develop, without installation, directly onto a browser and start building a true business use case within a few hours. As the learning curve is simple, you can easily train new staff thanks to its descriptive language.
Moreover, it handles all components of the data pipeline process:transporting, loading, transforming, data modelling, data quality monitoring, and the monitoring of the data pipeline as a whole.
As the tool offers strong role-based access and security on the enterprise edition, we are safe to store it in a software as a service application, enabling us to utilize the Data Mesh pattern.

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Edit, run, and monitor in real time directly on the all-in-one web interface.

Kestra provides an inbuilt rich user interface that allows you to edit your flows, run, and monitor them in real time. No need to set up complex development workflow to start quickly!

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