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Simplicity scales, complexity fails

Simple, Scalable and Fast Orchestration

Embedded Visual Studio Code editor IDE

Decide, based on your use case, how declarative or imperative you want your workflows to be. Write your business logic in any language from the integrated Visual Studio Code editor IDE, and orchestrate it declaratively in minutes.

Scalable event-driven multitenant architecture

Kestra's architecture is built on top of proven and time-tested technologies, including Postgres, Kafka and Elasticsearch, to enable scheduled and event-driven workflow patterns at any scale with tenant-level isolation.

Run anywhere, code in any language

Integrate with any cloud, programming language, source system, database or data tool, and build your own plugins and blueprints to eliminate boilerplate code and automate repetitive tasks.

Fast development cycles, simple deployment patterns

Create flows in a simple declarative YAML config directly from the UI with autocompletion, syntax validation and built-in documentation. Or use our official VS Code extension to integrate your workflows with Git and CI/CD systems.

API-first design with a rich plugin ecosystem

Because every action in Kestra is API-driven, there are no limits to what you can automate, from changing flow and task configuration using internal tools to triggering, adding, or modifying workflows in any way you can imagine.

Deploy anywhere with no single point of failure

Scale your data platform from a few executions to millions without hassle. You can deploy Kestra on-prem and cloud using Docker, our official Helm chart, Terraform provider, or a manual installation using a single binary file.

All-Inclusive Dashboard

Empower Your Team with a Comprehensive, User-Friendly Orchestration Platform

Picture of Kestra's user interface

Complete and comprehensive Dashboard

Built-in editor to define flows, SQL queries and custom scripts

Simple declarative editor with live-updating DAG view

Polyglot orchestration for event-driven flows

Simpler and Faster Data Workflows

Scheduled and Event-Driven Data Operations

Step 1

Define your workflows

Declare all your flows in YAML, specify all tasks that need to be executed, the input and output data, and any dependencies between steps.

How to define a flow example
Integration with all data stacks

Step 2

Integrate with your existing stack

Kestra integrates with a wide variety of data sources and tools, so you can easily connect your workflows to your existing data stack. This includes support for popular databases, file formats, APIs, and more.

Step 3

Schedule your workflows

Specify when and how often they should run, and how to trigger them. You can also trigger workflows manually, or run them as part of a larger pipeline.

How to schedule example
How to execute a flow example

Step 4

Execute your workflows

When a workflow is triggered, Kestra orchestrates the execution of each step, ensuring that data is processed correctly and dependencies are satisfied.

Step 5

Monitor and optimize your workflows

Track the performance of your workflows, identify bottlenecks, and optimize them for speed and efficiency.

Visualization of Kestra monitoring

By using Kestra as your orchestrator, you can easily automate complex workflows, integrate with your existing data stack, and improve the speed and efficiency of your data processing.

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Logos of tools that integrate with Kestra such as Snowflake, Airbyte, DBT or Fivetran and Kestra at the center of It

Over 300 plugins

Plugins are at the core of Kestra's extensibility. Many plugins are available from the Kestra core team, and creating your own is easy. With plugins, you can add new functionality to Kestra.

They love Kestra

What people say about us

Kestra is the unifying layer for our data and workflows. You can start small, but then there is no limit to the possibilities and scalability of such an open architecture.

The exceptional pre-sales support and commitment to providing a high-performance product have laid the foundation for a great partnership.

Kestra is an easy-to-learn, feature-rich platform for a wide variety of use cases. Its web interface simplifies flows and logs monitoring.

I’ve spent a huge part of my career looking for a solution that handle huge data sets for semi-technicals users and Kestra is the first exciting thing I’ve seen in a long time.

I enjoy the overall robustness of Kestra, which allows for processing data at scale in cloud environments and ensures the reproducibility of processes. Its strong observability, ease of development, and flexibility make it a versatile solution for managing data pipelines, including those in the field of genomics.

I Love Kestra! It allows me to focus on the hard problems and the interesting part of my work without having to spend time on boring and repetitive tasks. Orchestrating and monitoring complex systems has never been easier thanks to the beautiful web interface. It takes the best of Airflow and Google Workflows in one simple and elegant solution. It scales and integrates itself easily in any ecosystem thanks to the plugins library.

Thank you for your hard work in creating this good software. It is beginner friendly and easy to customize.

Kestra is really capable of supporting the growth of the company thanks to a complete and controlled scalability!

Kestra has been a keystone to design complex executions flows while enhancing our Infrastructure as Code best practices. It now empowers our ingestion with Airbyte, transformation with dbt and our HighTouch reverse-ETL jobs seamlessly!

Take Kestra to the next level with the Enterprise Edition

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  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Secret Manager Integration
  • High Availability
  • Best in Class Support
  • And More...
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