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Enterprise Edition

Kestra Enterprise to Scale Your Workflows.

Made for organizations & professionals seeking to secure production workloads with high-security standards and enterprise support.

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Full Control and Compliance

Enterprise-Grade Reliability, Security and Team Productivity

Advanced Architecture Design

Elevate your system's resilience and efficiency with our Enterprise Edition's architectural design, built to support scalability and high availability.

  • High scalability and availability: With managed "Kafka-as-a-backend" and Elasticsearch integrated into the Enterprise Edition, eliminate any single point of failure.
  • Worker groups: Looking for targeted task execution and polling trigger evaluation on specialized compute instances? The Worker Groups is offering flexibility in system resources, operating system, backend access, and regional proximity.
High availability Schema

Advanced Security and Access Control

Ensure that your data workflows and resources remain protected and compliant with industry standards.

  • Secure Authentication: Integrate with Single Sign-On (SSO) and enterprise-grade identity providers to manage user access and authenticate users efficiently and securely.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Define custom roles and permissions for granular control over user access to workflows, tasks, and resources. Ensure that users only have access to the appropriate data and features.
  • Enterprise Secret Management: Kestra's Enterprise Edition offers robust secret management, supporting integration with AWS Secret Manager, Azure Key Vault, Elasticsearch, Google Secret Manager, and Vault, ensuring secure, in-memory access to secrets at runtime.
  • Audit logs: Gain full visibility into all user activities on Kestra resources with detailed audit logs, empowering systems administrators and security teams to monitor actions, investigate breaches, and maintain compliance.
A dashboard with success or fail task events
Stylized view of administrator settings with role-based view

Advanced Team Collaboration

Take workflow organization and collaboration to the next level with configurable namespaces, organization Blueprints and credential store.

  • Namespace Management: Create separate namespaces for different teams or projects, making it easy to find and manage your workflows.
  • Control Access and Permissions: Configure access and permissions at the namespace level, ensuring that users only have access to the workflows and resources relevant to their roles.
  • Share Workflows and Resources: Easily share workflows, tasks, and other resources across namespaces, fostering efficient collaboration between teams.
  • Organization Blueprints: Share custom, organization-specific Blueprints directly within your team, exclusively available for your organization's use.

Advanced Functionality for Your Organization

Unlock exclusive features with the Enterprise Edition

Open-Source Edition


Get started
  • Apache 2.0 license
  • Powerful orchestration engine
  • Declarative workflows as code and from the UI
  • Event-driven automations
  • Embedded Visual Studio code editor
  • Embedded documentation
  • Live-updating topology view
  • Access to 400+ plugins
  • Git & CI/CD integrations
  • Basic authentification
  • Community support

Enterprise Edition


Talk to Us
  • All features from the Open-Source Edition and more
  • Scalable architecture with High-Availability
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Worker groups supporting distributed workers
  • Custom secrets backend (AWS Secret Manager, Azure Key Vault, Elasticsearch, Google Secret Manager, Hashicorp Vault)
  • Audit logs
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Custom blueprints
  • Namespace-level management
  • Secure credential store
  • Built-in variable store
  • Centralized governance over task configuration
  • Enterprise support with guaranteed SLAs
  • Onboarding & training
Workflow Creation and Execution
Embedded code editor
Open-source plugins
Custom plugins
Code versioning & Git integration
Autocompletion and syntax validation
Live-updating topology view
Dependency management between tasks, subflows and flow event triggers
Workflow Orchestration and Scheduling
Advanced orchestration engine (sequential and parallel task processing, ditributed mapping)
Concurrency limits
Human-in-the-loop orchestration with pauses for manual approval
Flexible scheduling system (Cron, interval-based and custom conditions)
Event-driven data processing
Event-driven data processing at scale (high throughput)
Custom error handling and on-failure behavior
Automated retries and restarts
Automated notifications on success or failure
Custom internal storage backend
Workflow monitoring, observability & performance optimization
User Interface
Fine-grained visibility into workflow execution states
Dashboard about the status of your workflow executions across the instance
Embedded code editor enabling fast feedback loops without deployment overhead
Input validation on manual workflow executions from the UI
Embedded task and trigger documentation
Embedded blueprints with example usage
Custom blueprints showing company-wide usage patterns
Full-text search across task runs
Centralized user & permission management from the UI
Governance over code revision history (who updated the workflow and when)
Namespace-level management for secrets, variables and task confiiguration
Support to seamlessly switch between environments from the same UI via tenants
Connectivity and Integration
API-first design: everything can be automated via an API call
Webhook triggers
Webhook triggers at scale capable of handling millions of events
Official Terraform provider for provisioning flows and namespace files
Official Terraform provider to provision all resources incl. users and secrets management
Official support for Github Actions, GitLab, Azure DevOps and more CI/CD providers
Community blueprints
Custom blueprints representing company-wide usage patterns
Security and authentication
OIDC/SSO authentication
Role-Based Access Control
Audit logs
Custom secrets backends (AWS Secret Manager, Azure Key Vault, Elasticsearch, Google Secret Manager, Hashicorp Vault)
Namespace-level credential store
Namespace-level variable store
Namespace-level task configuration
Namespace-level permissions
Worker security isolation
Deployment and hosting
Self-hosted deployment
High-Availability with No Single Point of Failure
Worker groups supporting distributed workers
Support & custom development services
Community support
Enterprise support with SLAs

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