Enterprise Edition

Kestra Enterprise to Scale Your Workflows.

Get full access to the Enterprise-only features and enjoy best in class support with custom SLAs to ensure that you have the help you need, whenever you need it

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Advanced Solutions for Your Organization

Unlock exclusive features with the Enterprise Edition


Fine-grained Role-Based Access Control for users, user groups and roles

Service Accounts

Create custom service accounts with programmatic access allowing you to trigger workflows from external systems

Secrets Management

Store secrets or integrate your secret manager to ensure that your passwords and keys remain secure

Organization Blueprints

Reuse custom code thanks to verified and documented workflow templates built by your team for your team

Configuration Management

Avoid boilerplate code thanks to namespace-level secrets, variables and default configuration for specific tasks

Audit Logs

All events such as modifing or executing flows are automatically tracked to provide a holistic audit trail

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Scale with High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Ensure scalability and high availability with managed Kafka and Elasticsearch integrated into the Enterprise Edition to eliminate single point of failure.

Open-Source Edition


Get started
  • Free usage under Apache 2.0 license
  • Self-hosted
  • Community Blueprints
  • Community Plugins
  • Basic Auth for a Single User
  • Basic Namespace Configuration
  • Basic Workflow Management
  • Basic Secrets Management via Environment Variables
  • Onboarding via Online Documentation
  • Community Support

Enterprise Edition


Free trial
  • All features from the Open-Source Edition and More
  • Self-hosted
  • Community and Organization Blueprints
  • Community and Custom Plugins
  • Enterprise-Grade Auth with SSO and RBAC
  • Secure Namespace Configuration
  • Workflow Management with Audit Logs for Every Action
  • Encrypted Namespace-level Secrets and Secrets Manager Integration
  • Personalized Onboarding & Training
  • Enterprise Support with SLAs
  • Worker Security Isolation
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance
FeaturesOpen sourceEnterprise
Workflow Creation and Execution
Low Code (YAML-based)
Extensibility (Custom Plugins)
Connectivity to Popular Data Sources
Data Validation
Workflow Orchestration and Scheduling
Orchestration Engine (Sequential, Parallel)
Flexible Scheduling System (Time-based, Event-based)
Large Data Processing
Error Handling and Retry Mechanisms
Performance Monitoring and Optimization
Connectivity and Integration
API and Webhook Support
Integration with Terraform and CI/CD Pipelines
Kafka Integration
Elasticsearch Integration
Security and Authentication
Audit Logs
OIDC/SSO Authentication
Role-Based Access Control
Secure Namespace Configuration
Secret Managers Integration
Worker Security Isolation
Deployment and Scaling
Self Hosted Deployment
High Availability with No Single Point of Failure
User Interface and Experience
Rich User Interface
Built-in Plugin Ecosystem
Extended API
Support & Services
Community Support
Enterprise Support with SLAs

Full Control and Compliance

Enterprise-Grade Security, User Management and Access Control

Collaborate with your team and manage your workflows directly from your browser

Stylized view of administrator settings with role-based view

Advanced Workflow Organization

Take workflow organization and collaboration to the next level with configurable namespaces.

  • Organize Workflows with Namespaces: Create separate namespaces for different teams or projects, making it easy to find and manage your workflows
  • Control Access and Permissions: Configure access and permissions at the namespace level, ensuring that users only have access to the workflows and resources relevant to their roles
  • Share Workflows and Resources: Easily share workflows, tasks, and other resources across namespaces, fostering efficient collaboration between teams

Advanced Security and Access Control

Ensure that your data workflows and resources remain protected and compliant with industry standards.

  • Secure Authentication: Integrate with Single Sign-On (SSO) and enterprise-grade identity providers to manage user access and authenticate users efficiently and securely
  • Role-Based Access Control: Define custom roles and permissions for granular control over user access to workflows, tasks, and resources. Ensure that users only have access to the appropriate data and features
A dashboard with success or fail task events

Ready to bring your data orchestration to the next level?

Logos of tools that integrate with Kestra such as Snowflake, Airbyte, DBT or Fivetran and Kestra at the center of It

Simple Integration

Customize and extend Kestra's integrations with custom plugins, tailored to your specifics needs. Integrate internal systems, third-party APIs, cloud services or databases using simple and scalable integrations.

See open-source pluginsCreate a custom plugin