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Kestra is the unifying layer for our data and workflows. You can start small, but then there is no limit to the possibilities and scalability of such an open architecture.

In less than a month, with no previous experience in data orchestration, I felt autonomous with my data flows and could collaborate with my teammates. Kestra had become a total necessity for me.

Kestra is an easy-to-learn, feature-rich platform for a wide variety of use cases. Its web interface simplifies flows and logs monitoring.

I’ve spent a huge part of my career looking for a solution that handle huge data sets for semi-technicals users and Kestra is the first exciting thing I’ve seen in a long time.

I enjoy the overall robustness of Kestra, which allows for processing data at scale in cloud environments and ensures the reproducibility of processes. Its strong observability, ease of development, and flexibility make it a versatile solution for managing data pipelines, including those in the field of genomics.

I Love Kestra! It allows me to focus on the hard problems and the interesting part of my work without having to spend time on boring and repetitive tasks. Orchestrating and monitoring complex systems has never been easier thanks to the beautiful web interface. It takes the best of Airflow and Google Workflows in one simple and elegant solution. It scales and integrates itself easily in any ecosystem thanks to the plugins library.

Kestra meets the needs perfectly, it’s very simple to use and manages the complexities behind it to offer a huge saving in time and costs.

Kestra is really capable of supporting the growth of the company thanks to a complete and controlled scalability!

The exceptional pre-sales support and commitment to providing a high-performance product have laid the foundation for a great partnership.