API-First Design

Kestra is designed in an API-first way, enabling programmatic access to all actions from managing workflows to user administration.

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Building on an API-First Platform

API Coverage

From workflow creation to user management, our API reference details how to interact with every aspect of the platform programmatically.

Extensibility for Custom Solutions

Leverage the power of Kestra to create interfaces or enhance existing systems, thanks to the API's flexibility.

Terraform Integration & Future SDKs

We offer Terraform integration, and we're expanding our toolkit with SDKs in popular programming languages for even easier integration.

GitOps with Kestra

Workflow Integration and Automation

In-Flow HTTP Requests

Utilize the HTTP Request task within your workflows to connect to external APIs, fetch data or trigger actions within your Kestra flows.

Event-Driven Triggers

The HTTP Trigger opens your workflows for integration with any external events.

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Productivity and Integration

CI/CD and Code

Being API-first means Kestra integrates seemlessly with CI/CD pipelines, offering a streamlined path from code development in your local IDE to deployment through tools like GitHub Actions. This integration ensures that your workflows remain in sync with your codebase.

High availability Schema

Development Flexibility

Choose your development environment with confidence, knowing that whether you prefer to code directly in the Kestra UI or in your favorite IDE, our platform supports your workflow. Our API-first approach guarantees that your integration with Git and other version control systems is straightforward, maintaining a single source of truth for your projects.

Docker Integration for Script Execution

Plugin-Powered Flexibility

Choose from over 400 plugins that offer direct integration with third-party services, databases, messaging systems, and more.


Getting Started with Declarative Orchestration

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