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Automate scheduled and event-driven workflows with Kestra

A screenshot of the Scheduling page
A screenshot of the Scheduling Page

Build, Schedule, and Automate All Your Workflows

Kestra simplifies your scheduling and automation tasks through its declarative language, making workflow management straightforward. Build to meet the high standards of software engineers, it's designed to be user-friendly for both engineers and business stakeholders.

Centralized Control

Centralized Control

Kestra serves as a unified platform that allows you to automate and schedule tasks across a wide range of business-critical systems. From CRM and ERP to Big Data and Business Intelligence, Kestra ensures that all your systems work together seamlessly, requiring minimal human intervention.

Event-Driven Workflows Without Spaghetti Code

Whether you're looking to trigger flows based on the results of other flows, file detection from various sources like SFTP or Google Cloud Storage, or even the outcomes of SQL queries, Kestra offers a versatile set of triggers to meet all your automation needs.

Event Driven
Everything as code

Everything as Code

Manage your resources programmatically, ensuring reproducibility, version control, and seamless collaboration.

Logos of tools that integrate with Kestra such as Snowflake, Airbyte, DBT or Fivetran and Kestra at the center of It

Connect Your Entire Tech Stack with Dedicated Plugins

Integrate with your existing technology landscape using Kestra's robust plugin architecture. From databases and cloud services to custom applications, plugins enable you to connect, schedule, and automate your entire tech stack.

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Automation and Scheduling Features

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Backfill Support

Kestra's Backfills can automatically catch up on missed workflows after an outage. You can trigger backfills from the UI without having to redeploy your code.

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Time-Based Scheduling

Kestra provides versatile scheduling options for timely and reliable task execution, from regular intervals to condition-based triggers.

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Event-Driven Triggers

Initiate workflows based on real-time events, and schedule them to listen for specific events at designated times.

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API-Based Triggers

Leverage API-based triggers for smooth integration with your existing systems, allowing automated workflows to adapt to external conditions.

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Modularity with Subflows

Build modular and reusable reusable components. Write your logic once and call it from any other workflow when needed. Pass data between flows for seamless orchestration.