Execution is a single run of a flow in a specific state.

Task Run

A task run is a single run of an individual task within an execution.

Each task run has associated data such as Execution Id, State, Start Date, End Date, etc.


Each task run can have one or more attempts. Most task runs will have only one attempt, but you can configure retries for a task. If retries have been configured, a task failure will generate new attempts until the retry maxAttempt or maxDuration threshold is hit.


Each task can generate output data that other tasks of the current flow execution can use.

These outputs can be variables or files that will be stored inside Kestra's internal storage.

Outputs are described on each task documentation page and can be seen in the Outputs tab of the Execution page.


Each task can expose metrics that may be useful in understanding the internals of a task. Metrics may include, for example, file size, number of returned rows, or query duration.

There are two kinds of metrics available: Timer and Counter.

Metrics can be seen in the Metrics tab of the Executions page.


An Execution or a Task Run can be in a particular state.

There are nine possible states:

  • CREATED: The Execution or Task Run is waiting to be processed. This state usually means that the Execution is in a queue and is yet to be started.
  • RUNNING: The Execution or Task Run is currently running.
  • PAUSED: The Execution or Task Run has been paused. This status is used for two reasons:
    • Manual validation
    • Delay (for a specified duration before continuing the execution)
  • SUCCESS: The Execution or Task Run has been completed successfully.
  • WARNING: The Execution or Task Run exhibited unintended behavior, but the execution continued and was flagged with a warning.
  • FAILED: The Execution or Task Run exhibited unintended behavior that caused the execution to fail.
  • KILLING: A command was issued that asked for the Execution or Task Run to be killed. The system is in the process of killing the associated tasks.
  • KILLED: An Execution or Task Run was killed (upon request), and no more tasks will run for it.
  • RESTARTED: This status is transitive. It is the same as CREATED, but for a flow that has already been executed, failed, and has been restarted.