Software and Hardware Requirements​Software and ​Hardware ​Requirements

This page describes the software and hardware requirements for Kestra.

Software requirements

The table below lists the software requirements for Kestra.

ComponentRequired versionNote
Java>= 17 && < 18Default 17 using Eclipse Temurin
MySQL>=8 with exception 8.0.31Default 8.3.2
PostgreSQL>=14 && <= 15Default 15.3.2
Apache Kafka>=3
Elasticsearch>=7Alternatively OpenSearch >= 2

Hardware requirements

Kestra standalone server needs at least 4GiB of memory and 2vCPU to run correctly. In order to use script tasks, the server also needs to be able to run Docker-in-Docker (this is why e.g. AWS ECR Fargate is currently not supported).

If you need more guidance on how much memory and CPU to allocate to each architecture component, reach out to us and we'll help you with the sizing based on your expected workload.