Reglo, unified Control Plane and Simplified Orchestration with Kestra

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About Reglo

Reglo is a committed French brand specializing in hypoallergenic, grain-free natural kibble with insect proteins for dogs and cats. As an e-commerce company, they initially faced challenges with their data management, juggling multiple platforms to refresh and process data. It was during their search for a solution to these challenges that they discovered Kestra.

Technology Stack at Reglo

To manage their data landscape, Reglo implemented a multifaceted technology stack:

  • Shopify: Used as their primary e-commerce platform, handling sales, inventory, and customer data.
  • Google Spreadsheet: Employed for manual data ingestion, typically for ad-hoc adjustments and one-time data entries.
  • Airbyte: Utilized for data extraction and loading, pulling in data from various sources into their data warehouse.
  • BigQuery: Serves as their data warehouse where all the data collected from different sources is stored for analysis.
  • dbt (Data Build Tool): Takes care of data transformations, turning raw data into more useful, structured formats for analysis.
  • Data Studio: Used for visualizing data, turning raw numbers into actionable insights through dashboards and reports.
  • Kestra: The orchestration layer that ties all the above technologies together, simplifying complex workflows and automations.

The Challenge

Reglo faced a significant issue: their team had to navigate through multiple platforms, including Google Spreadsheets, Airbyte, and dbt to refresh and process their data. This fragmented approach was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, affecting their overall operational efficiency.

Kestra's Solution

Reglo turned to Kestra to address these challenges. Kestra not only offered a solution for automated data workflow but also provided seamless integration with their existing stack. They developed a custom Slack command, which when triggered, initiates a Kestra Flow that automates Airbyte data ingestion and dbt transformations.

How Kestra Helped

  • Unified Control Plane: Kestra consolidated the data workflow into a single dashboard where team members could modify Flows and monitor their executions without switching between different platforms.
  • Simplified Orchestration: Kestra allowed for the orchestration of Airbyte and dbt tasks from within its environment. This eliminated the fragmented nature of their previous system and enabled a smoother data pipeline.

By adopting Kestra, Reglo has significantly improved their data management. They now enjoy a centralized, streamlined, and efficient system that addresses their initial challenges effectively.

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