Bouygues Immobilier Platform, Valorissimo Enhancing Marketing Agility and Sales Efficiency with Kestra and Hanalytics

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Valorissimo, Bouygues Immobilier's real estate investment platform, embarked on a journey to modernize their data management and sales processes. Leveraging over two decades of industry experience, Valorissimo collaborated with Hanalytics to construct a modern data stack, significantly enhancing their marketing agility and sales efficiency. This strategic move was amplified by integrating Kestra, transforming their technological landscape to adapt to their integrations and orchestrations needs.

Technology Stack

  • Digital Platform: A digital marketplace, connecting real estate developers with investors.
  • Data Warehousing with BigQuery: Centralized data storage for in-depth analysis and processing.
  • Data Transformation with dbt Core: Structuring and preparing data for analysis.
  • Quality Assurance with Elementary Data: Ensuring data integrity.
  • Visualizing Insights with Looker Studio and Google Sheets: for dashboarding and Business Intelligence.
  • Marketing Automation Integration with HubSpot: Enhancing lead management through data-driven marketing and creation of automated campaigns.
  • Real-Time Alerts with Slack: Keeping the team updated on workflow executions and dashboards updates.







The Challenge: Overcoming Legacy Limitations

Valorissimo faced the challenge of evolving from traditional sales methodologies to a data-driven approach. Their legacy systems, while effective in the past, needed an upgrade to keep pace with the their automations needs.

Why Kestra?

Kestra was introduced into Valorissimo’s ecosystem by Hanalytics. Its powerful orchestration capabilities and ease of integration made it an ideal choice to manage complex data workflows and automate critical processes.

Kestra's Impact: Streamlining Data Workflows

  • Airbyte Integration: Automating data ingestion from various sources into BigQuery.
  • Automated Data Transformation and Quality Checks: Leveraging Kestra to trigger dbt Core for data transformation, while ensuring quality with Elementary.
  • Reverse ETL with Hightouch: Syncing refined data back into business applications for enhanced decision-making.

The Outcome: A Leap Forward in Data Management

With their new data platform, Valorissimo has:

  • Doubled conversion rates through personalized marketing automation.
  • Achieved seamless integration of their modern data stack.
  • Enhanced operational capabilities.

Next Steps

The collaboration with Hanalytics has been a cornerstone in developing Valorissimo's modern data stack. Their expertise, combined with the robust workflow automation from Kestra, allowed Valorissimo to improve their Data driven marketing strategy. Integrating tools like Airbyte, dbt Core, and Hightouch, all orchestrated by Kestra, has kept Bouygues Immobilier's platform competitive in the real estate investment market.

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