Clever Connect, accelerating Recruitment Processes and manage 350 million candidates by 2030 with Kestra

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CleverConnect is revolutionizing the HR industry with its platform, aiming to manage 350 million candidates by 2030. They needed a robust orchestration solution, which they found in Kestra, streamlining their tech stack and accelerating development. Their platform connects job applications and talent profiles with HR systems, supported by a modern tech architecture including Angular, Quarkus, MongoDB, and Kubernetes. Kestra plays a crucial role in this ecosystem, orchestrating data flow and application logic to tie all components together

Technology Stack

CleverConnect's technology stack is a modern software architecture, designed to power its Exchange platform:

  • Front-end: Angular for a responsive and dynamic user interface.
  • Back-end: Quarkus, offering a Kubernetes-native Java stack tailored for microservices.
  • Database: MongoDB, a NoSQL database known for its flexibility.
  • Infrastructure: Istio/Kubernetes for robust container orchestration.
  • Kestra: Orchestrates the data flow and application logic, tying all these components together.




Integrating CleverConnect's vast database and partnerships into a unified recruitment platform presented both a challenge and an opportunity. Previously, their diverse tech stack, including microservices, Pentaho Kettle, AWS Lambda, and various programming languages, led to scattered business logic and slow development times for new connectors. The introduction of Kestra transformed these challenges, streamlining their architecture and significantly accelerating development processes.

Streamlining Architecture and Business Logic

Kestra's unified platform allowed CleverConnect to consolidate their tech stack, simplifying the overall architecture. This consolidation resulted in a more coherent and manageable system where business logic became centralized, enhancing both efficiency and clarity in operations.

Accelerating Development with Kestra

The deployment of Kestra brought about a dramatic reduction in the time required to develop and launch new connectors. What once took weeks or months can now be accomplished in days, and soon even hours, thanks to Kestra's rapid development capabilities. This acceleration is attributed to Kestra's API-first design and its declarative features using YAML, which simplified both the creation and maintenance of data flows.

Enhancing Scalability and Maintenance

The flexibility of Kestra facilitated the decoupling of source and destination components within CleverConnect's system. This decoupling not only eased maintenance efforts but also positioned the platform for scalable growth, enabling the management of an increasing number of connectors without compromising on performance or reliability.

Democratizing Development

Kestra's approachable design has democratized the development process within CleverConnect. Even junior developers, including those working remotely, can now efficiently build connectors. This accessibility has broadened the scope of who can contribute to the platform's growth and innovation.

Future Directions

The integration of Kestra into CleverConnect's operations has been transformative, enabling rapid development, scalable architecture, and efficient management of a growing number of connectors. As CleverConnect continues to expand its offerings and partnerships, Kestra remains a pivotal asset in their mission to revolutionize the recruitment industry, positioning them to achieve their ambitious goal of assisting over 350 million people in finding fulfilling jobs.

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