Kestra and Terraform by HashiCorp Join Forces to Enable Everything-as-Code

Kestra and Terraform by HashiCorp Join Forces to Enable Everything-as-Code

We're thrilled to announce a technology partnership with Terraform by HashiCorp. We share a common vision of simplifying deployment patterns by relying on Infrastructure as Code. We are excited to further extend the Everything-as-Code paradigm to your mission-critical operational and analytical workflows.

“Integrating Kestra with Terraform enables atomics deployments and a cohesive approach to automating your workflows along their needed resources. It's not just about tooling; it's about streamlining operations in a way that is aligned with core DevOps principles.”

Ludovic Dehon — the CTO at Kestra

Why Terraform

Our partnership with Terraform extends beyond technical integration. We both share a common vision of expressing not only software but also its infrastructure and configuration in code. With this partnership, you can manage even Zapier-style workflows according to proven software engineering practices.

Elevating Your Workflows With Kestra's Terraform Provider

Terraform Kestra

Our Terraform provider is a significant step in aligning workflow orchestration with infrastructure-as-code best practices. With this integration, you can seamlessly manage your entire Kestra environment in code, including flows, triggers, tasks, input variables, secrets, users, and namespaces. Software engineers manage their entire Kestra infrastructure along with their other applications with Terraform to ensure a robust software delivery process.

Breaking the Production Barrier: The Kestra and Terraform Solution

Moving data pipelines from development to production comes with its own set of challenges. Be it environment setups, database schema access, or cloud resource permissions, the list seems endless. The alliance between Kestra and Terraform aims to bridge this gap by integrating open-source tools that make this transition easier for developers. Learn more about Everything as Code for Data Infrastructure solution.

Supercharge Your CI/CD with Terraform & Kestra

Bring Kestra into your CI/CD pipelines using Terraform Cloud or GitHub Actions. By doing so, you can automate your infrastructure provisioning and maintenance. With a GitHub Actions workflow, you can also validate and deploy flows directly into specific namespaces, ensuring that your mission-critical workflows are as agile and adaptable as your infrastructure.

10x Your Workflow Automation and Software Delivery

Leroy Merlin France has significantly improved its workflow automation process by integrating Kestra and Terraform, both employing declarative language and fully embracing Git-based version control. They used Terraform for automated deployments of BigQuery assets like datasets, tables, views, and ACLs, all part of a streamlined CI/CD process.

Upon adopting Kestra, a custom Terraform provider was developed to bring the same level of version control and automation to Kestra’s resources. This harmonized architecture has led to over 5 million pipeline executions each month, more than 4.000+ data flows created, and a staggering 900% increase in data activity, all while fostering team-wide confidence during production deployments. Learn more about this use case in our Data Mesh case study.

What’s Next

Our collaboration is just the beginning. Your insights and contributions can greatly influence the utility and success of this integration. Share your feedback via Kestra Community Slack or open a GitHub issue.

If you want to learn more, dive into Kestra's Terraform Provider Documentation.

If you like the project, give us a GitHub star and join the open-source community.