Copines de Voyage

Copines de Voyage, Deploying a Modern Data Stack with Kestra and Hanalytics

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Copines De Voyages, an exclusively female-focused travel agency, schedule intimate and secure group travel experiences that transcend the ordinary. With destinations that inspire and a community that connects, they turn simple trips into lifelong memories and friendships. Through the expertise of Data Hanalytics, one of our estimed partner, they've have moved from a legacy PHP and Cron job infrastructure to a modern data stack composed of BigQuery, dbt, and Kestra, transforming their technological landscape to keep pace with their scaling.

Technology Stack

  • MySQL: Manages transactional data.
  • BigQuery: Analyzes travel patterns and customer preferences, set up with Data Hanalytics' assistance.
  • Metabase: Visualizes data insights through dashboards.
  • AWS (EC2 + RDS): Hosts the core applications, ensuring reliability.
  • Kestra: Centralizes workflow orchestration, integrating various technologies into a cohesive system.

The Challenge

Bound by legacy PHP systems and simplistic cron job scheduling, the growing IT team at Copines De Voyages required a robust structure and a centralized control plane to manage their expanding data needs.

Why Kestra?

The shift to Kestra was initiated following a recommendation from Data Hanalytics, a trusted partner. The simplicity and quick visibility it offered made Kestra an instant fit for Copines De Voyages, facilitating "quick insights" and easy access.

Kestra's Role

Kestra was selected for its ease of use and fast implementation, allowing the team to quickly visualize and manage data workflows.

The Outcome

  • Modernized data stack deployment, utilizing Kestra for workflow management.
  • Adoption of dbt for data modeling.
  • Improved BigQuery data ingestion methodologies.
  • Advanced data parsing from APIs, improving data accuracy and availability.

Next Steps

  • Deepen dbt integration for refined data modeling.
  • Plans to incorporate Airbyte for enhanced data ingestion.
  • Optimize BigQuery ingestion for advanced analytics.
  • Develop more sophisticated API data parsing strategies.

Kestra has provided Copines De Voyages with a solid foundation for automating and refining their data processes, supporting their goal of delivering exceptional travel experiences to their clients.

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