Copines de Voyage

Copines de Voyage, Deploying a Modern Data Stack with Kestra and Hanalytics

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Copines De Voyages, an exclusively female-focused travel agency, schedule intimate and secure group travel experiences that transcend the ordinary. With destinations that inspire and a community that connects, they turn simple trips into lifelong memories and friendships. Through the expertise of Data Hanalytics, one of our estimed partner, they've have moved from a legacy PHP and Cron job infrastructure to a modern data stack composed of BigQuery, dbt, and Kestra, transforming their technological landscape to keep pace with their scaling.

Technology Stack

  • MySQL: Manages transactional data.
  • BigQuery: recommended by Data Hanalytics, now serves as the analytical engine for understanding travel patterns and customer preferences.
  • Metabase: Visualizes data insights through dashboards.
  • AWS (EC2 + RDS): Hosts the core applications, ensuring reliability.
  • Kestra: Centralizes workflow orchestration, integrating various technologies into a cohesive system.






Identifying the Need for Change

The initiative to upgrade their data system was primarily driven by the limitations of their existing setup, which included basic scheduling through cron jobs and a reliance on legacy PHP scripts. The growing IT team at Copines De Voyages sought a solution that could offer a centralized platform to manage increasingly complex data workflows.

Why Kestra Stood Out

Kestra was selected on the recommendation of Data Hanalytics for its immediacy and simplicity. Its introduction marked a pivotal step towards simplifying data access and enhancing insight generation, which were critical for the team to simplify the onboarding of the team and to create data pipelines at scale.

The Broad Impact of Kestra's Integration

The integration of Kestra into Copines De Voyages' data ecosystem has been transformative. It facilitated the modernization of their data stack, allowing for a streamlined workflow management that Kestra now manage. With Kestra, the team can now efficiently model data with dbt, ingest data into BigQuery more effectively, and achieve greater accuracy and utility from data parsed from APIs. This upgrade has improved all operations but also laid a robust foundation for continuous improvement and growth.

Future Directions

As Copines De Voyages looks ahead, the focus is on deepening the integration of current tools while exploring new technologies to further enhance their data management capabilities. The aim is to refine data modeling, expand data ingestion sources, optimize analytics processes, and develop more nuanced data parsing methods.

What's Next

Through the adoption of Kestra, Copines De Voyages has significantly advanced its data management capabilities, aligning technology with its mission to deliver travel experiences.

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