Orchestrate Smarter Not Harder

Unified Orchestration Platform to Simplify Business-Critical Workflows
and Govern them as Code and from the UI.

Smarter Not Harder

Simplicity scales, complexity fails

Declarative workflow creation

Scalable multitenant architecture

Run anywhere, code in any language in built-in Editor

Fast development cycles, simple deployments

API-first design with a rich plugin ecosystem

Deploy anywhere with no single point of failure

All-Inclusive Dashboard

Picture of Kestra's user interface

Autocompletion and syntax validation

No setup required. Write code directly from the UI

Embedded Code editor

Complete and comprehensive dashboard

Language-Agnostic Workflows At Any Scale

Define your workflows

By using Kestra as your orchestrator, you can easily automate complex workflows, integrate with your existing data stack, and improve the speed and efficiency of your data processing.

id: api_python_sql
namespace: company.team

- id: extract_from_api
type: io.kestra.plugin.core.http.Request
uri: https://dummyjson.com/products

- id: python_transform
type: io.kestra.plugin.scripts.python.Script
image: ghcr.io/kestra-io/pydata:latest
import polars as pl

- id: load_sql
type: io.kestra.plugin.gcp.bigquery.Load
from: "{{ outputs.python.outputFiles['products.csv'] }}"
destinationTable: gcp_project.dataset.table

- id: daily
type: io.kestra.plugin.core.trigger.Schedule
cron: "@daily"
Integration with all data stacks

Integrate with your stack

Kestra integrates with a wide variety of data sources and tools, so you can easily connect your workflows to your existing data stack. This includes support for popular databases, file formats, APIs, and more.

Schedule your workflows

Configure your workflows to run on a schedule, via webhooks, APIs, event-based triggers, or in real-time with millisecond latency.

How to schedule example
How to execute a flow example

Execute your workflows

When a workflow is triggered, Kestra orchestrates the execution of each step, ensuring that data is processed correctly and dependencies are satisfied. With built-in scalability, Kestra handles growing workloads, and offers robust retry options to ensure reliable execution even in the face of failures.

Monitor and optimize your workflows

Track the performance of your workflows, identify bottlenecks, and optimize them for speed and efficiency.

Visualization of Kestra monitoring

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