Available on: >= 0.16.0

Run tasks as Docker containers.

Here is an example using the DockerTaskRunner executing the commands in a Docker container:

id: docker_script_runner
namespace: myteam

  - id: shell
    type: io.kestra.plugin.scripts.shell.Commands
    containerImage: centos
      type: io.kestra.plugin.scripts.runner.docker.DockerTaskRunner
        cpus: 1
      - echo "Hello World!"

Once you specify the taskRunner type, you get the autocompletion and validation for the runner-specific properties. In the example above, the task allocates 1 CPU to the container.


The only property required by the taskRunner is the containerImage property that needs to be set on the script task. The image can be from a public or private registry. Additionally, using the DockerTaskRunner you can configure memory allocation, volumes, environment variables, and more. For a full list of properties available in the DockerTaskRunner, check the Docker plugin documentation or explore the same in the built-in Code Editor in the Kestra UI.

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