API Retries​A​P​I ​Retries

How you can configure retries for internal storage and secrets API calls.

Kestra uses external storage and secrets so that your private data and secrets are stored in a secure way in your private infrastructure. These external systems communicate with Kestra through APIs. Those API calls, however, might eperience transient failures. To handle these transient failures, Kestra allows you to configure retries.

Here are the available retry configuration options:

  • kestra.retries.attempts: the max number of retries (default 5)
  • kestra.retries.delay: the initial delay between retries (default 1s)
  • kestra.retries.max-delay: the max amount of time to retry (default undefined)
  • kestra.retries.multiplier: the multiplier of delay between each attempt (default 2.0)

In order to globally configure retries for tasks, you can use the task defaults with a global scope tied to the main io.kestra plugin path as follows:

- type: io.kestra
    type: constant # type: string
    interval: PT5M # type: Duration
    maxDuration: PT1H # type: Duration
    maxAttempt: 3 # type: int
    warningOnRetry: true # type: boolean, default is false

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