Internal Storage​Internal ​Storage

Internal Storage is a dedicated storage area to store your private data passed as inputs to a flow or generated as a result of a flow execution.

The purpose of Internal Storage

Kestra uses an Internal Storage to handle incoming and outgoing files in a scalable way. It stores files generated during a flow execution and used to pass data between tasks.

By default, only the local storage is available. It uses a directory inside the host filesystem, so it is not scalable and not designed for production usage.

More implementations are available as plugins.

You can replace the local storage with one of the following storage implementations:

Kesta's internal storage allows storing arbitrary-sized files inside a dedicated storage area.

If an output attribute is stored inside the internal storage, it will be retrievable from a variable named {{ outputs.task_id.output_attribute }}. Kestra will automatically fetch the file when the variable is used.

Inputs of type FILE will be automatically stored inside the internal storage.

On the Outputs tab of an execution, if an output attribute is from the internal storage, there will be a link to download it.

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