This task allows you to clone a Git repository into a working directory and then use the files from that repository in downstream tasks.

The Git plugin

To use the io.kestra.plugin.git.Clone task in your flow, make sure to add it as the first child task of the WorkingDirectory task. Otherwise, you’ll get an error: Destination path "xyz" already exists and is not an empty directory. This happens because you can only clone a GitHub repository into an empty working directory.

Add io.kestra.plugin.git.Clone as the first task in a WorkingDirectory

Adding the io.kestra.plugin.git.Clone task directly as the first child task of the WorkingDirectory task will ensure that you clone your repository into an empty directory before any other task would generate any output artifacts.

Private Git repositories

Typically, you would want to use io.kestra.plugin.git.Clone with a private GitHub repository. Make sure to:

  1. Add your organization/user name as username
  2. Generate your access token and provide it on the password property.

Below you can find links to instructions on how to generate an access token for the relevant Git platform:

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