Available on: Enterprise Edition

Learn about the Enterprise Edition and how it can help you run Kestra securely and reliably at scale.

Designed for production workloads with high security and compliance requirements, deployed in your private cloud.


Key Features

Kestra Enterprise is built on top of the Open Source Edition. However, it has a different architecture, with a few key differences listed below.

⚡️High Availability: Kestra Enterprise is designed to be highly-available and fault-tolerant. It uses a Kafka cluster as a backend for event-driven orchestration, and Elasticsearch for storing logs and metrics. This does not only improve performance, but also ensures that there is no single point of failure, and that the system can scale to handle large workloads.

⚡️Multi-Tenancy: the Enterprise Edition supports multi-tenancy, allowing you to create separate environments for different teams or projects. Each tenant is completely isolated from the others, and can be configured with its own access control policies.

⚡️Security and Access Control: Kestra Enterprise supports Single Sign-On (SSO) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), allowing you to integrate with your existing identity provider and manage user access to workflows and resources.

⚡️Enterprise Features: this Kestra edition comes with additional enterprise features, including Audit Logs, Worker Groups, Custom Blueprints, Namespace-level Secrets, Variables and Task Defaults.

⚡️Secrets Management: Kestra Enterprise can securely store and manage secrets. You can also integrate your existing secret manager, such as AWS Secret Manager, Azure Key Vault, Elasticsearch, Google Secret Manager, and Hashicorp Vault.

⚡️Support: the Enterprise edition comes with guaranteed SLAs and priority support.

⚡️Onboarding: we provide onboarding and training for your team to help you get started quickly.

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