Here are the configuration options for the usage report.

Understanding how you use Kestra is very important to us: it helps us improve the solution in many ways. For this reason, the kestra.anonymous-usage-report.enabled option is mandatory: we want you to consider whether you wish to share anonymous data with us so that we can benefit from your experience and use cases.

  • kestra.anonymous-usage-report.enabled: (default true)
  • kestra.anonymous-usage-report.initial-delay: (default 5m)
  • kestra.anonymous-usage-report.fixed-delay: (default 1h)

The collected data can be found here. We collect only anonymous data that allows us to understand how you use Kestra. The data collected includes:

  • host data: cpu, ram, os, jvm and a fingerprint of the machine.
  • plugins data: the list of plugins installed and their current versions.
  • flow data: the namespace count, flow count, the task type and the trigger type used.
  • execution data: the execution and taskruns count for last 2 days with count and duration grouped by status.
  • common data: the server type, version, timezone, env, start time and url.

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