This page describes how to create and manage Custom Blueprints.

Apart from publicly available Community Blueprints, you can create custom Blueprints available only to your organization. You can use them to share, centralize, and document commonly used workflows in your team.

You can think of Custom Blueprints as your team's internal App Store, offering a wide range of integrations and validated workflow patterns tailored to your needs.

How to create a new Custom Blueprint

From the left navigation menu, go to Blueprints. Then, select the Custom Blueprints tab. Click on "Create".

Add a title, description, and the contents of the flow. You can add as many tags as you want. Then click on the "Create" button.

New Custom Blueprint

You can edit the Blueprint anytime, for example, to add new tasks or expand the documentation.

This feature significantly helps code reusability and facilitates collaboration within a team because sharing your code and documentation is finally painless.

Once you reach a certain scale with many internal Blueprints, the search and filtering by tags will ensure that your Blueprints remain easy to find.