Available on: >= 0.16.0

Task Runner capabilities and supported plugins.

Task Runners Capabilities

Task Runners offer a powerful way to offload compute-intensive tasks to remote environments. The table below highlights their capabilities.

Fine-grained resource allocationTask Runners give you full control over the compute resources β€” you can flexibly choose how much CPU, memory, or GPU you want to allocate to specific tasks.
Flexible deployment patternsTask Runners support various deployment models, including AWS ECS Fargate, Azure Batch, Google Batch, Kubernetes, and more. You can mix and match different runners even within a single workflow.
No vendor lock-inTask Runners are built on top of a plugin ecosystem, so you can run your code on any cloud provider or on-premises infrastructure without being locked to a specific vendor or deployment model.
Task isolationYour tasks run in fully isolated container environments without interfering with each other or competing for resources.
Made for development and productionYou can develop your code locally in Docker containers and run the same code in a production environment on a Kubernetes cluster. Thanks to task runners, setting this up is as simple as changing a single property.
Centralized configuration managementTask Runners make it easy to centrally govern your configuration. For example, you can use taskDefaults on a namespace level to manage your task runner configuration and credentials in a single place.
Documentation and autocompletionEach task runner is a plugin with its own schema. The built-in code editor provides documentation, autocompletion and syntax validation for all runner properties to ensure correctness, standardization and consistency.
No changes to your codeYou can run the same business logic in different environments without changing anything in your code.
Fully customizableIf you need more customization, you can create your own Task Runner plugin to match your specific deployment patterns.

Plugins Supporting Task Runners

Task Runners are intended to be used in the tasks from the Script Plugin and its sub-plugins tasks, including:

Anytime you see a task that can execute a script or a series of commands, it's a script task that contains a taskRunner property.

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