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Read an internal storage file and return its content as a string. This function accepts one of the following:

  1. A path to a namespace file e.g. {{ read('myscript.py') }}
  2. An internal storage URI e.g. {{ read(inputs.myfile) }} or {{ read(outputs.extract.uri) }}.

Reading namespace files is restricted to files in the same namespace as the flow using this function.

Reading internal storage files is restricted to the current execution. Specifically, those are files created by the current flow's execution or the parent flow execution (for flows triggered by a Flow task or a ForEachItem task).

# Read a namespace file from the path `subdir/file.txt`
{{ read('subdir/file.txt') }}

# Read an internal storage file from the `uri` output of the `readFile` task
{{ read(outputs.readFile.uri) }}

# Read an internal storage file from an input named `file`
{{ read(inputs.file) }}