​Gradle configuration

We use Gradle as a build tool. This page will help you configure Gradle for your plugin.

Mandatory configuration

The first thing you need to configure is the plugin name and the class package.

  1. Change in settings.gradle the rootProject.name = 'plugin-template' with your plugin name.
  2. Change the class package: by default, the template provides a package io.kestra.plugin.templates, just rename the folder in src/main/java & src/test/java
  3. Change the package name on build.gradle: replace group "io.kestra.plugin.templates" to the package name.

Now you can start developing your task or look at other optional gradle configuration.

Other configurations

Include some dependencies on plugins

You can add as many dependencies to your plugins, they will be isolated in the Kestra runtime. Thanks to this isolation, we ensure that two different versions of the same library will not clash and have runtime errors about missing methods.

The build.gradle handle most of Kestra use case by default using compileOnly group: "io.kestra", name: "core", version: kestraVersion for Kestra libs.

But if your plugin need some dependencies, you can add as many as you want that will be isolated, you just need to add api dependencies:

api group: 'com.google.code.gson', name: 'gson', version: '2.8.6'