Kestra is an orchestration and scheduling platform that helps you build, run, schedule, and monitor complex pipelines. It also makes it easy to create a flow, requiring only a few lines of YAML. It handles all other complexities like deploying, scaling, monitoring, and error handling.

Kestra UI


  • Simple: Kestra workflows are written in YAML. It is a declarative syntax that allows you to write even complex workflows.
  • Extensible: The entire foundation of Kestra is built upon plugins. You can use an existing plugin from our plugin library or build your own.
  • Real-time: Kestra is built with real-time use cases in mind. You can create flows, run them, and see all their logs in real-time.
  • Scalable: Kestra's architecture allows scaling according to your workload. The Enterprise Edition can scale even more thanks to Kafka and Elasticsearch and can handle millions of executions without breaking a sweat.
  • Cloud-native: Built with the cloud in mind, Kestra uses cloud-native technologies and allows you to deploy everywhere.


  • Data orchestrator: Handle complex workflows and move large datasets. Extract, transform, and load datasets according to your choice (ETL or ELT).
  • Distributed crontab: Schedule works on multiple workflows and monitor every process.
  • Event-driven workflow: React to external events like API calls to get things done instantly.

Read now our Getting started guide to create your first flow.