type: "io.kestra.core.models.triggers.types.Webhook"

A Webhook trigger allows triggering a flow from a webhook URL. At trigger creation a key must be set that will be used on the URL that triggers the flow: /api/v1/executions/webhook/{namespace}/{flowId}/{key}. We advise to use a non-easy to find or remember key like a generated sequence of characters. Kestra accepts GET, POST and PUT requests on this URL. The whole request body and headers will be available as variables.


Add a trigger to the current flow:

  - id: webhook
    type: io.kestra.core.models.triggers.types.Webhook
    key: 4wjtkzwVGBM9yKnjm3yv8r

After the trigger is created, the key must be explicitly set in the webhook URL. You can launch the flow using the following URL /api/v1/executions/webhook/{namespace}/{flowId}/4wjtkzwVGBM9yKnjm3yv8r.

Properties and Outputs

Check the Webhook task documentation for the complete list of the task properties and outputs.