JsonReader JsonReader

type: "io.kestra.plugin.serdes.json.JsonReader"

Read a json file and write it to an ion serialized data file.

# Properties

# charset

  • Type: string
  • Dynamic:
  • Required:
  • Default: UTF-8

The name of a supported charset

Default value is UTF-8.

# from

  • Type: string
  • Dynamic: ✔️
  • Required: ✔️

Source file URI

# newLine

  • Type: boolean
  • Dynamic:
  • Required:
  • Default: true

Is the file is a json new line (JSON-NL)

Is the file is a json with new line separator
Warning, if not, the whole file will loaded in memory and can lead to out of memory!

# Outputs

# uri

  • Type: string

URI of a temporary result file